Board of Directors

The state is divided into 4 districts. No more than 3 members from each district will serve on the Board of Directors for a term of 3 years. All officers, directors, and officials must be members in good standing of the VLA.


The elected officers of the Association shall be a President and Vice President, elected every two years by majority vote of the Board of Directors.


President – Frank Myers
Vice President – Chad Shelton

District 1 Term Ending
Frank Myers 2024
Ronnie Wright 2024
Kirk Richardson 2024
District 2
Palmer Dugger 2024
Donnie Reaves 2024
Victor Simmons 2024
District 3
Binky Tapscott 2024
Troy Tapscott 2024
Buck Morris 2024
District 4
Jeff Britt 2024
Judd Smith 2024
vacant 2024
At Large
CK Greene 2024
Brandon Widener 2024
Roger Williams 2024
Vance Wright 2024
Thomas Evelyn 2024
Chad Shelton 2024
Travis Myers 2024
vacant 2024
Past President
Vance Wright 2024